CardTamers is a project where you can collect, train, and breed a variety of colorful plant-based creatures.

  • Breedable: Using semi-realistic genetics, creatures can be bred and traits aren't always visible.
  • Trainable: Creatures can learn skills (done as YCH images). They will also level up based which skills they have learned.
  • Evolvable: When certain criteria are met, some creatures are able to be evolved into a new form. All creatures will grow with level.
  • Tamable: Explore a variety of areas to find creatures, items, and more.

Once you have obtained a creature, you may search locations.  Each location has 25 spots where you can look for creatures.  You may either find them as eggs, or in battles, which are conducted using a series of prompts.  You may also run away from a battle, although that isn't necessarily a good idea.  Capturing a creature in battle requires Cards.

Each Tamer is allowed three creatures.  If they have a DeckHolder license (available from the DeckBuilder Club shop), they are able to have up to 10.  A creature must be abandoned in order to get another one that would exceed this limit.  A payment of at least $1 for anything related to the Tamer will also give them a license.



Skills and Abilities

Creatures can learn a variety of skills.  Some will require a specific level or stat, some won't.  They can either be taught by purchasing a YCH slot of the creature using the skill, or by using a MoveDisc.  MoveDiscs can be found in locations or through the shops and can be used on a skill's page to teach that skill to a creature free of charge.

Creatures gain experience when they learn skills.  This experience will eventually allow them to level up, which raises stats.  They will also grow at certain levels.

When a creature is obtained, its stats will be randomized.  This allows for different strategies to be able to use the same creature.


Creatures will level up as they learn new skills, and will grow based on level. Creatures become adults at level 20.



Hybrids are a catch-all term for the phenomena occurring when either a human or a creature is hybridized with another creature.  They aren't understood very well, and the human ones aren't treated very well at all.  The more human Hybrids have the option of using a Power Limiter to appear fully human and become Tamers, but the less human and Exiled Hybrids have to settle for being treated marginally better than a creature.  For this reason, the Restricted Area is rumored to be a gathering place for these strange creatures, among other things.  There are numerous warnings about the safety of the place for non-Hybrid Tamers, but a Hybrid Tamer should have no problems looking into the ruins to discover new things.

Human-based Hybrids have no rarity for species, although Sorila seems to be extremely rare regardless.

Curiously, there's a prominent Hybrid working in the Hybrid Resource Center, and a rare Sorila at that.  The Hybrid Resource Center handles Hybrid registrations, as well as the distribution of Power Limiters. Hybrids cannot breed.


Some creatures are available for free when you first join the group.  These are called Starters.  Starters are restricted by season, and some are restricted by other factors too.

Floithus - (Summer)

Floithus is lizard-like, with flower-like leaves on its back.  It uses light and the sun to attack.  It only shows up in the summer.

Faixalis - (Spring/Summer)

Faixalis is fluffy, but it contains deadly venom which it uses to incapacitate foes.  Smaller amounts of the venom can heal some ills.  It only appears in the spring and summer.

Sheanium - (Spring/Summer/Fall)

Sheanium has a snowy appearance and wears an icy mask.  It can freeze anything solid.  It appears in the spring, summer, and fall.

Irosia - (Winter/Spring)

Irosia has fluff all over its body that can be used to keep warm in the colder months and areas.  It uses ice and snow to attack.  It appears in the winter and spring.

Ematus - (Fall)

Ematus is a small creature that uses plants and earth to attack.  It values its fur highly and hates to get it dirty.  It only appears in the fall.

Rubatus - (Fall)

Rubatus is a small creature that attacks with fire.  It's known for its beautiful fur and stubborn attitude.  It only appears in the fall.

Juia - Special (Spring)

Juia is a common birdlike creature that uses physical attacks.  It's known for the patterns in its feathers.  It only appears in the spring.

Sorila - Special/Purchase (Fall/Winter)

Sorila have special abilities that allow them to travel between dimensions and through time.  These can only be obtained through special means in the fall and winter.


Pests are a category of creature which are based on bugs and other creatures that eat plants. They can only be found while searching locations, and cannot be tamed. Each pest has at least one favorite creature, and if searching a location, pests that favor the creature which is used will be more common.




Creatures can be bred once you have two of the same kind (or you can breed yours with someone else's) and they're both adults (level 20 or above).  In order to do this, it must be the right season and you must pick slots from the breeding board.  Creatures that are bred a certain distance from other breedings have a chance to inherit traits from the other creatures as well, so choose wisely.  The first choice of offspring for each owner of a creature used in each breeding is free, the rest are put up for offer.

It costs 20 golden seeds to breed creatures.  They must be of opposite genders and the same species. Some creatures can only be bred during certain seasons.


In CardTamers, you are able to request, create or purchase a tamer character.  There are three different kinds of tamers you can get:

  • A Standard Tamer, who can have up to three creatures and is human.
  • A Hybrid Tamer, who is part human and part creature.
  • An AU Tamer, who comes from a CardTamers AU.

Usually only Standard Tamers can be requested for free, while Hybrid Tamers require special means to obtain and AU Tamers require very special means to obtain.  There are also rules surrounding them.  

Every Tamer has a favorite type, and they get bonuses for using creatures of that type.

Hybrid Tamers

Hybrids can only be Tamers if they have a percentage of 40% or lower and look mostly human.  In addition, they must wear a Power Limiter which forces them to appear fully human and blocks most of their abilities.  While they aren't allowed to use their abilities in combat (unless registered with a Tamer, which means they can't be one) or to use them on people in general, they can still use them to make other tasks easier.  This is due to the extreme social stigma against Hybrids due to their appearance, abilities, and history.

AU Tamers

During special events, Sorila may gather, some with people they have brought from other worlds and others ready to go to another world to bring someone back.  This is still under construction, and will be handled at a later date.


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